Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam celebrates one year anniversary

Visit the new exhibition by the Tropenmuseum in Hotel Jakarta

On 28 June 2019 we celebrate our 1-year anniversary with a new exhibition of Indonesian objects from the collection of the Tropenmuseum. The museum presents a selection of its collection ‘Yogya and Riau’.

In Yogyakarta, Java a lot of silver was produced in the 1930s, especially for the Europeans living in Indonesia. The silver was decorated with rich designs of lotus flowers and peacocks. After Indonesia’s independence in 1945 the production of Yogya silver decreased, but in the 1970s there was a short spike in production due to tourism. The former sultanate of Riau on Sumatra, which was strateggically located at the trade route near street of Malakka, was well-known for its silver objects made of silver coins.

Together with the Tropenmuseum we are working on the cultural agenda of the hotel. Next to yearly exhibitions corresponding to the history of Java island, Amsterdam – our suites are being decorated with unique photos of former Dutch East Indies.