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From the cuisine to its culture

Discover the enchanting world of Indonesia in our latest blog! From delicious dishes at Café Jakarta to the art of Batik and the country’s cultural diversity, discover everything Indonesia has to offer. Curious to find out more? Keep reading and don’t forget to check out our museum tip at the end of this blog for an even deeper dive into Indonesia’s rich history!

Taste the flavor of the Indonesian cuisine

Meet the diversity and taste explosions of Indonesian cuisine! What makes this cuisine so special is the rich variety of flavors, aromas and spices that come together in each dish.

At Café Jakarta, you can experience a taste of this culinary cuisine! Special dishes are served under the motto “Two Worlds Connected”. Western ingredients are combined with Eastern spices and flavors. Besides, the kitchen also cooks Indonesian food in its own way and there are a range of delicious dishes on the menu such as; Rendang Daging, Nasi Goreng, Soto Ayam & a Tasting of Indonesian dishes. The perfect way to get to know the Indonesian cuisine!

Selamat makan!

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Batik: The art of storytelling through colour and pattern

Discover the enchanting world of Batik, an ancient Indonesian art form deeply rooted in the country’s rich cultural history. Batik is known for its beautiful patterns and vibrant colours, made by hand. Each piece of Batik is unique and tells its own story, often inspired by nature, mythology and local traditions.

In collaboration with Atelier Istimewa, we are now selling unique Batik Kimonos at Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam. Each kimono is handmade by local artisans from Java and tells the stories of Indonesian culture and spirit. If you want to extend your Indonesian experience, take this beautiful item home with you!

Batik in Hotel Jakarta

Indonesia: A country rich in cultures

Indonesia is a country steeped in a rich and diverse culture that goes back thousands of years. From colorful traditional dances such as Balinese Legong and Javanese Gamelan to age-old crafts such as Batik and silversmithing, Indonesia has a wealth of cultural traditions that shape its identity.

The diversity of Indonesian culture is reflected not only in its arts and crafts, but also in the traditional ceremonies, festivals and religious celebrations that take place throughout the year. Such as the colorful Balinese ceremonies, the spectacular Toraja funeral ceremonies and the lively celebration of Ramadan throughout Indonesia.

Each region of Indonesia has its own unique culture and traditions, making the country a vibrant patchwork of heritage and history.

Museum Tip: The Great Indonesia Exhibition

Do you want to discover even more about the beautiful culture & histoty of Indonesia? Then be sure to visit The Great Indonesia Exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam.

Take a journey through Indonesia and discover the country’s history and cultural diversity. Learn about history during the exhibition, but also discover new stories and hushed histories of Indonesia.

By exhibiting over 300 objects and telling different personal stories, this exhibition brings the past, in a special, way very close to you.

The exhibition can be seen until Monday, April 1, 2024 in the Nieuwe Kerk. Don’t miss this extraordinary journey and reserve your tickets!

Buy your tickets here!