Meanwhile, the temporary heaters are in full swing in the building, creating an excellent working climate and allowing the men to continue working during the cold weather. On the north façade they started placing the so-called holes panels, these panels depict a ship that refers to the time that the “Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland” was based on Java Island.

On the ground floor the metal stud walls have been put down, and also finishing making the floating screeds. Furthermore, they have made the first preparations for closing the planter where the subtropical garden will come.
On the roof, hard work is being done on the steel construction where later on the solar panels can be mounted. Last week, the first window frames with French balcony were placed on the east façade, so that the façade is almost finished!

Construction Team of Hotel Jakarta will work during the Christmas holidays, with the exception of Christmas day and boxing day, this work will mainly take place inside the building.

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