Vote for Hotel Jakarta in the Gaia Green Awards 2019

Is, in your opinion, Hotel Jakarta the most sustainable hotel in The Netherlands and Belgium? Then vote for us in the Gaia Green Awards 2019.


Hotel Jakarta is a spectacular building with a sustainable, industrial character, lots of transparent glass facades and a unique 30 meter high wooden main support structure. The beams, columns and ceilings are made of natural wood. The materials chosen are durable and have the FSC or PEFC quality mark. Almost all the used elements that have a short life span or are recyclable are reused by disassembly.

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam employs many energy-saving measures. Rainwater is collected to spray the subtropical indoor garden. PV panels in the facade and in the roof of the atrium collect, solar energy that is converted into electricity and heats the shower water. A warmth- and cold storage system will take care of heating and cooling the hotel.Even the staff will wear sustainably made company clothing, designed by fashion label By Rockland | HACKED by.

Hotel Jakarta is nominated in the category ‘Hotels’, together with Blooming in Bergen (NL) en Familiehotel Soll Cress in Kokszijde (Belgium). Bring out your vote now!

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